The World’s Greatest Land Based Casinos For Gamblers


Whether players consider Monaco’s Monte Carlo, the USA’s Las Vegas and Atlantic City, China’s Macau, the tiny island nation of Singapore, or France’s romantic capital, Paris, the globe’s major gambling destinations cannot be ignored.

The world’s greatest land based casinos, found in these and in other cities, all share more than a few things in common, and it is these things that continue to attract players in their millions.

Such commonalities range from the range of games available to the size of the jackpots offered, and from first class services to generous bonuses and more.

Land Based Casinos

Some players may be wondering why it is emphasised that these destinations are described as being land based. Rather than trying to state the obvious, the term is used to distinguish between casinos that have been built with brick and mortar, and online casinos.

Since the advent of the internet, players have also enjoyed the option of playing on the web. The online gaming industry has grown in leaps and bounds as technology has developed and improved.

The best online casinos can be compared with the world’s greatest land based casinos in many ways, as these sites share many of the elements that led to the success of these establishments. It should also be noted that some of the best casinos are more sea-based than land-based, as they are found on some of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships.

Generous Player Bonuses

In countries where gambling is legal, players usually have a choice of more than one casino, which means that two of the world’s greatest land based casinos could be found in the same city or region.

Being a competitive industry in more ways than one, it is not enough to offer only a wide range of games. Casinos need to find various ways to attract players, and one that has stood the test of time is the offering of player bonuses.

The most common of these, and usually the first encountered by most players, are Welcome bonuses, which are usually followed by various other special offers. Bonuses essentially give players some extra money so they can enjoy that many more winning opportunities.

Slots and Table Games

The main attraction of the world’s greatest land based casinos is the unbelievable selection of slots, table games, card games, and speciality games to be found in them.

These games include not only games that have delighted and thrilled players for centuries, but also games that have been developed as new games or as variations of older games in more recent times.

The most popular games in virtually all of the world’s greatest land based casinos are the slot machines, followed closely by games such as Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, Farkle, Keno, Pachinko, Pontoon, Roulette, Rummy, and Sic Bo.

Range of Player Services

The world’s greatest land based Gaming Club casino would not be very great if they offered gaming, but no services to support the experience. The destinations that are most popular among players around the world provide gaming as well as services such as cashiers and player assistance.

The cashier services are secure, and accept a range of payment methods. These include cash, as well as credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic payment methods.

The player assistance services offer not only practical information about the casino, such as where to find what, but information about bonuses, player incentive programmes, competitions, tournaments, and much more.

Microgamings’ Supernova Slot Machine Game


The Supernova video slot machine from Microgaming has a screen that is somewhat different. There is a slightly larger set of three reels to the left and two smaller reels on the right. Somewhere between a 3-reel slot and a 5-reel slot, the 2 reels on the right act as multipliers for wins on the three reels on the left. Multipliers up to 10x the bet value are available.

Theme-wise, Supernova is about planets going Supernova along with other galactic icons like Worm Holes and Helixes. The graphics are excellent.

Betting Range and Multipliers

Supernova video slot is played on two reel panels and the betting levels range from 0.25 to 50 coins. The first set of three reels with its science-themed symbols utilises all 27 pay lines. There are just six different symbols, which are representations of atoms and burning suns in three different colours each, so players are in with an excellent chance of hitting a winning combination. And if players wish to further nudge the odds in your favour, the spin button is enabled in order to stop the reels early if it is felt that this will positively benefit the player and enhance their winning capabilities.

Scoring a win on the main three reels causes the two multiplier reels to spin. The win is increased by the multiplier shown in the middle position of the 1st reel. If the second multiplier reel also shows a multiplier, then the win is multiplied again.

Starting the Supernova Slots Game

The first part of the Supernova slot game is played on a 3×3 panel, 5 reels start spinning each time you hit the button. If a winning combination is struck, the 4th reel will keep spinning to determine the multiplier. With some luck, the win will be multiplied by 2, 3, 5 or even 10 immediately. The 5th reel promises even bigger pay outs, as it will determine a further multiplier for the particular win.

In an example, a 50 coin win on the main three reels causes the two side reels to spin. If the first multiplier reel comes up with a 5x figure, then the winnings are multiplied thus; 50 x 5 equals 250 coins. However, if the second multiplier reel comes up with, for instance, a 10x figure, then the final win is 250 x 10 or 2500 coins.

Wilds and Winnings

Supernova online casino Singapore takes the classic three reel slot game to a new level. A direct and understandable way of winning at slots play, and making the most of bonus features on a simple three reel slot machine. Officially, then, Supernova is a three reel sot game with 27 paylines and a winnings multiplier of up to 100 times.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all but multiplier symbols in creating winning combinations. With its two multiplier reels, Supernova slot machine has its most special feature integrated right into the main game. To make sure players get the most out of this addition, the Wild symbol on the first 3 reels can assist with achieving more winning combinations more often.

Retro Reels Vegas Style Five-Reel Online Slot


Although many slots game players enjoy the numerous modern perks of online play, for many, the nostalgic longing for the reel-life spinning reels of a bygone era remains.

Such players will be pleased to discover that Microgaming has a developed a simple online slots game that combines the old and the new. Retro Reels is a fresh five-reel, 20-payline slot with the classic look and feel of the three-reel fruit machines of 1940s Las Vegas.

Retro Reels Design and Symbols

Remaining true to the slot’s old-school theme, Microgaming have gone with a very simple layout for Retro Reels. The reels appear to be set in a traditional fruit machine console – all that’s missing is a big metal lever on the side of the computer – except that there are now five reels instead of the original three.

None of the weird and wonderful symbols of present-day video slots are in evidence in Retro Reels – only the red cherries, purple plums, yellow lemons, and single, double and triple bars that first made casino slots so popular. Nor does Retro Reels feature any animations – the reels appear just as they would in real life.

Standing in another room, one would be forgiven for thinking that there is an actual casino next door, owing to the merry, arcade-style tune that plays in the background. The same goes for the chiming of various bells that can be heard when a winning Retro Reels payline is landed.

Jackpot, Coin Values and Bet Limits

The maximum Retro Reels jackpot is a tidy 10 000 coins with the second-highest payout standing at 500 coins, extending the game’s appeal beyond a walk down memory lane. Retro Reels betting options vary extensively, with five coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.25 and the bet max set at 20 coins per payline.

Free Spins from Scatter Symbols

One modern element of Retro Reels comes in the form of free spins, which are awarded to players when two or more scatter symbols appear. These scatter symbols are easy to identify because they take the form of the Retro Reels free spins logo. Five free spins are awarded per scatter symbol and a 2x multiplier is applied to all wins on free spins.

The Retro Reels scatter symbols also have their own value. Although this isn’t very much – with the maximum five scatters paying out just 100 coins – they do not have to appear on active paylines to qualify, which means wins occur more frequently.

Note that there is no Retro Reels wild symbol in lucky nugget casino.

The Retro Reels Re-Spin Feature

Another modern feature included in Retro Reels is still fairly rare, even in recently released titles. This is the option the re-spin any one reel, at an additional cost, after each spin.

A “RESPIN” button – as well as an indication of the cost of the re-spin – appears beneath each of the reels. The cost involved in utilising a re-spin are not constant in Retro Reels; they vary, depending on the likelihood that the reel in question will yield a winning payline. The greater this likelihood, the greater the cost of a re-spin.

In Retro Reels, only the wins that involve the re-spun reel are paid out and the option ceases to be valid if betting limits are changed. The re-spin feature is also not available in the Retro Reels free spins bonus round.

Have Fun at No Deposit Worldwide Free Online Casinos


As the name suggests, the best thing about a free online casino is that players do not have to spend anything to get involved. All of these no deposit games can be enjoyed by any player without the need to enter any credit card details, or any other personal financial information.

When playing games at a free online casino, there is no risk of losing anything while playing. As such, all players can get the maximum enjoyment out of any game without the stress or worry of losing out on anything. If you like playing games just for the fun and enjoyment of it, then no deposit casinos are certainly the way to go. Players should remember that when playing these types of games, they will typically not be eligible to win any real money jackpots. However, for many players, the enjoyment comes from actually playing the game, and not from winning any real money while playing.

As you will no doubt be aware, one of the big benefits of playing online games is that you can play at any time that suits you, for as long as you would like, and from wherever you might be located. Because of this, and because the games are available for free, all players can play the games they love as many times as they feel like.

All Games on Offer at Free Casino

At a top free online casino, players are spoilt for choice in terms of how many high-quality casino games are available. These free online casino games include a wide variety of options to suit players with different tastes.

For instance, if you enjoy online games that are all about luck or chance, then online slots could be the perfect option for you. With hundreds of slots games on offer at all of the top sites, you should be able to find a theme or genre that suits your taste perfectly. If you prefer casino games that involve a great deal of players skill or strategy, then one of the variations of poker is an excellent place to start.

While luck does play a small role in this game, to be successful you need to have a good strategy in place and be able to bluff other players during the game. There are also many other online casino games that have a good mix of player skill and strategy, like blackjack for example or even the much-loved game of roulette.

Find a Top Free Online Casino

Signing up for a free online casino won’t take new players very long at all. Just follow the prompts to register, and before long you will be ready to start playing. When looking for a no deposit online casino, have a look at a few different sites before you actually start playing. With so many options available, it is a good idea to find a site that you like the look and sound of. It goes without saying that you should also browse around the site and find out exactly what casino games are on offer, and make sure that the game you are interested in is available.

Android Casino Australia for Mobile Players


There is no doubt that at a top Android casino Australia, players have easy access to some extremely high quality entertainment. It is hard to believe that years ago there was no such thing as being able to play casino games from a mobile device. Times have certainly changed, and now all you need is a mobile device in your hand and a data connection, and you can play any casino game that you like. At any Android casino Australia, players can look forward to an incredible playing experience, in addition to the opportunity to be able to win while playing.

The games available to Android users have been specifically optimised for these devices. As you will know, all different Android devices have different screen sizes, ranging from small devices up to tablets with much bigger screens. The great thing is that games have been designed to work on every type of Android device, and to fit the screen perfectly, resulting in an excellent playing experience. If you have never played casino games before, the best option is to just sign up and try out some games. You will soon discover why this is such a popular industry here in Australia.

Download Games from an Android Casino Australia

To play games at an Android casino Australia, there are two distinct ways in which players can go about it. One option is to play the games directly from the internet browser on your mobile device. To do this, just go to the mobile site of your favourite Android casino Australia, find the game you would like to play, and then start playing the no download version of this game.

One of the big benefits to playing the no download version of any game is that if ever the casino releases some new updates to the game, or fixes any of the bugs, these updates will be available immediately. The other option available to online players is to download one of the Android apps from one of the best casinos, or for a casino game that you are interested in.

These casino apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or from any of the other major Android app stores. Players can also just follow the link provided by their favourite site, and then will be taken straight to the download page for the specific gaming app. Playing game apps is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy some high quality entertainment.

Great Entertainment at an Android Casino Australia

For new players, you should be aware of the distinction of playing free or no deposit games, or playing pokies online for real money games at an Android casino Australia. As the name suggests, players do not need to make any payment in order to play the no deposit games. You might not be eligible to win any real money jackpots, but you can still play these games just for the enjoyment of it. The other option is to make a deposit into your virtual account, and then to play the real money version of the most popular casino games.

Play Caribbean stud online

A Poker Variant that Really Stands Out

There are more than a hundred different types of poker available at online casinos. This variation bears testimony to the joy and winning potential of poker, and the very popularity of the game worldwide. With the growth of the internet, and despite the volumes of information available, people prefer shorter, and briefer snippets of information to digest, favouring more pictures, less text and everything that can happen quickly without testing the ever-shortening attention spans that the online community seems to exhibit.

Another feature of this shortening attention span is the growing predilection that gamers have for shorter, quicker and faster games. The casino industry is showing a similar trend, and truncated games are growing in popularity. Play Caribbean stud online to see evidence of this. No more the slower, considered, bluffing aspects to a card game; poker in this format is all about the pace of the action. Instant.

The ability to play Caribbean stud online lends itself to the mobile revolution that is so much part of the ‘instant’ trend. Being able to access a poker game instantly is exactly what players are looking for; hence, the surge in mobile gaming that is now such a large element of the gambling industry.

This obviously gives gamers the freedom to play this abbreviated version of 5-card stud at their utmost convenience.

To Quickly Play Caribbean Stud Online

This universal attention deficit condition is just ideal for anyone wanting to play Caribbean stud online. To play Caribbean stud online only takes a few minutes since players play directly against the banker in only three rounds of betting. This high action game therefore draws to a conclusion very quickly, allowing players to experience several hands of real action poker, during a toilet break. Alternatively, whilst in a traffic jam, or even just in a bank queue.

The objective of Caribbean stud poker is, quite simply, like five card stud, to create the highest combination possible with your cards. The payout is obviously linked to the combination achieved, and the rarity of that combination. When playing Caribbean stud, players play against the bank.

How the Game Works

The game begins, as so many poker games do, with players placing an ante. At this point players also decide whether to bet on the jackpot. Once the cards are dealt only one further bet, to remain in the game, is possible. This is called the raise, or call bet. Often this is double the ante.

After the ante bets have been placed, all the players and the dealer receive five cards each. In the case of the dealer, four cards are hidden and one is open. At this point the decision to play or fold needs to be made. Choosing play means immediately to double your bet.

The dealer then turns over their hidden cards. In order to continue, the dealer needs to have at least an ace and a king, failing which, all players still in the game receive a 1:1 payout on their ante. Should the dealer’s hand contain an ace and a king, the hands are compared. The winner is determined by the value of the cards in their hand.

Any players that have chosen to bet on the jackpot may now also receive a payout based upon their poker hand rankings. This ranges from 1:1 for a pair, going up to 200:1 for a royal flush.

Therefore, to play Caribbean stud online is quick, action-filled, and can be done in a flash. Literally.

Online Blackjack Brings Strategy and Skill Together Seamlessly


An early variant of blackjack has been known by several names through the ages, like Pontoon and Van-John. Blackjack is derived from a series of card games designed by the French in the late 18th century. During World War 1 it became very popular with the Allied troops, and gradually any game of 21 became known as blackjack.

During the second World War, blackjack became the favourite game with the soldiers in the barracks. After the war, blackjack replaced faro as the predominant card game in casinos around the world. The reasons for its popularity are obvious. First, it is a simple game to get to know and understand. Then, some people believe that it is one of the few casino games in which a skilled player can beat the house fairly often.

The world is definitely graduating from real life casino games to the online versions, and online blackjack is renowned for being one of the favourites of all card games that one can play on a computer or smart phone. online blackjack Singapore is ideally suited to online gaming. There are some differences between the American and the European games. Standard decks of 52 cards are used, and there may be as many as six decks used in the play. There are also some variations in the casino options, and will vary from casino to casino. Knowing what the house rules are will allow you to pick and choose which online casino site is the best to play in.

Strategies and Rules of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game to understand and play. Knowing the real objective, which is to beat the dealer, gives the player a good basis for plating the game successfully. It is one of the few casino card games that does not rely purely on luck, and players who take the time to learn different strategies will be highly rewarded for their efforts. The objective of the game of blackjack is for the player to come as close to 21 without going over that score, while still having a higher total than the dealer.

If a player’s hand exceeds 21 the player will lose, and the dealer will clear the cards away. If the dealer’s hand goes above 21 the house loses and the players ‘winnings will be paid out. When it comes to deciding what course of action to take for a given hand, you need to know how to do it correctly. This is done by using what is commonly called the basic strategy.  You do not want to play hunches, or guess. By playing basic strategy players can reduce the house advantage. This can involve memorizing the correct action to take for the cards dealt. Another technique for reducing the house advantage is card counting, but to become an accomplished card counter takes a lot of practice and is sometimes used when playing advanced blackjack.

Online Blackjack Becoming Ever More Popular

Online blackjack is enjoyed throughout the world. This extreme popularity is due to the fact that the game provides players with some of the best odds available at the casino, and it is great fun to play. It is also a favourite of high rollers, seasoned gamblers and professional casino players. Blackjack is a great game for true thrill seekers, and players willing to put the effort into learning all the nuances will most assuredly also reap the financial rewards.

Understanding The Game Of iPhone Online Sic Bo


A pure, unadulterated dice game of note, iPhone online sic bo is a game of dice chance, and requires no more than a small amount of knowledge for any player to reap rewards. The game consists of three standard dice, yet, when compared to other games, including craps, it is extremely simple to play and understand. The entire game is simply a prediction on the outcome of rolling three dice. (more…)

Top online sports betting

The Best Online Sports Betting Sites

The most vital thing about online betting is choosing a site that is reputable and licenced, these top online sports betting sites need to meet certain criteria to be rated amongst the best. Some key factors that make these sites world class are the amount of bonuses offered and how much value they add, customer support is important and needs to be available 24/7, fast pay outs on any winnings, easy banking methods and other unique and interesting features and betting options. All the key factors need to come together to bring a professional and trustworthy experience for all bettors to focus on betting on their favourite sports games.

There is a large supply of top online sports betting sites that you can use at your convenience. You will find a wealth of information regarding how to go about placing bets, betting types, statistics and of course a complete manual for beginners who wish to start betting.

Beginners may feel a little overwhelmed with the immense variety of online sites but as long as you remember to look out for these key aspects of the top online sports betting sites, you will find yourself immersed in the benefits and you will soon know all the tricks to enjoying betting online.

Enjoy the Thrills of Live Betting

Live betting is the latest craze amongst online bettors and can be found at most of the top online sports betting sites. This action packed type of sports betting has captured the attention of plenty of bettors around the world with the overwhelming amount of odds and games that are offered. Since live betting allows you to bet as the sports game unfolds this is an incredible opportunity for extra added excitement. Live betting allows you to bet on every throw, touch down, pitch and swerve no matter which game you are supporting. The odds of live betting change constantly as the game develops depending on the player’s performance and how the scores go.

Interest Array of Betting Options

The top online sports betting options come with a vast amount of different situations on which you can bet on. Some of the basic types that have been quite popular are the moneyline bets, point spread bets and totals. These are simpler options where you bet on one of the teams to win the game or on the total points that both teams accumulate in a game.

Fixed odds has been the most commonly found form to bet on, this type of bet is when the bettor knows what the return will be on the bet as the return amount is set and this amount is established at the time the bet is made. Amongst the many other types of bets that have been used are exotic bets or otherwise known as props which are used in live betting. There are basic types of props which cover situations in one specific game like how many catches a certain player will make. More intermediate types of props require a season full of situations like will a player reach a certain amount of scores, these are a bit more involved but there are even more advanced props that literally focus on anything the top online sports betting site can think of.

Best Online Roulette Games For All Australian


Roulette has an incredibly rich history and having been enjoy by many worldwide over the years it is no wonder this game has become one of the most popular to enjoy online. The online accessibility of roulette has allowed many Australians access to enjoy this fun and thrilling game. Online roulette Australia boasts thrilling spins, plenty strategic betting varieties and reasonable house edges making it an exciting option to play. (more…)