Play Temptation Queen Payline Slot Game With Bonus Feature


Temptation Queen is a five reel, three row and thirty payline slot title developed by Williams Interactive games.

Themed around the buried secrets and hidden wealth of Egypt, Temptation Queen offers players winning features including an expanding wild symbol and a free spins bonus feature. (more…)

Casino Games Online Free Play Slot Offers


While casino games online free play slot offers are a great resource for online players for a wide variety of reasons, players should be sure that they understand exactly what these kinds of offers make available in order to avoid disappointment and unrealistic expectations. A good casino comparison site is always recommended as a resource for players on the hunt for these types of offers to make use of, as the experts in their employ will have reams of information available for them, and they can help players quickly find the offer best suited to the way they like to play. (more…)

Dog Casher Slot Game Online From Blue Gem Gaming


Dog Casher slot is a fun little 3D online slot all about a pampered pooch and her quest to escape the pound and the bad dog catcher. The game has 20 optional paylines with are set out over five reels. All or none of the paylines can be played, or you can choose a number in between. Each line has a minimum wager of 0.01, and goes all the way up to 5 coins per line, which equals a maximum wager of 100 currency units per spin. Dog Casher slot is a game that players of all budgets and experience levels will enjoy. (more…)

Crazy Jewellery A 3D Slot Graphic Game By Blue Gem Software


Crazy Jewellery slot is a 3D slot from well known developer Blue Gem Software. This particular game has a number of special features as well as a standing jackpot. Crazy Jewellery slot has twenty optional paylines which come with a very large wagering margin that will appeal to players of all budgets. Each line can be played for as little as 0.01 coins, which means that Crazy Jewellery slot is a penny slot. High rollers are catered for as well with up to five being able to be bet per line. This equals a maximum bet of 100 coins per spin. (more…)

A Perfect Guide To Play Bugs Slot Online


Five reels, 20 paylines, and diverse bonuses are featured in Bugs slot from Blue Gem gaming. It is a heavily-animated 3D online slot set in a school girl’s garden, where she is collecting insects for a project.

The game’s bonus features include Wild and Scatter symbols, a main bonus game, and a Click Me bonus. The betting range is wide, and has several options that can be adjusted by players.

The slot’s optional features include Auto Spin and Double Up. (more…)

All About Aristocrat’s Quick Fire Slot Series Game


When it comes to casino slot games, Aristocrat is a name synonymous with quality and fun. Recently the company introduced their newest game category, Quick Fire Slots. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy any of these games yet, you can find out all about Aristocrat’s Quick Fire slot series right here. Each game in the series a true testament to the dedication and hard work of the design team. The games each make use of the conventional four by five reel setup that most players are familiar with. The series became an instant hit because of the simple, effective jackpot trigger in each game. In the Quick Fire series, players have the chance to win multiple Jackpots on a single spin.

Electric Boogaloo

One of the first quick fire slots to be released was the disco themed Electric Boogaloo on online casino Singapore. As players find out all about Aristocrat’s quick fire slot series, they will notice an increase in both the graphics and sound effects in each game. In this 5-reel 50 payline slot, palyers will find the standard high card symbols along with various disco era symbols across the reels. Electric Boogaloo is controlled using the buttons on the cabinet rather than onscreen. The Dollar sign in this game acts like a wild card and appears stacked on the reels creating more chances to win. To trigger one of the Quickfire Jackpots, players must land at 4 of the same symbols across the reels with the fifth determining the jackpot prize.

Golden Peach

If you want to know all about Aristocrat’s quick fire slot series, Golden Peach is probably a good place to start. This 5-reel 50 payline slot is the more traditional of the quick fire slots. It features an oriental theme and has some of the best graphics in the business. In this game, the peach itself plays the role of the wild symbol with the Chinese style building playing the role of the scatter symbol. Golden Peach features 4 different Quick fire jackpots as well as a free spin bonus round. To trigger the jackpot, players must activate all 50 paylines as they are fixed on the reels.

Pharaoh’s Ransom

The third game we are going to look at in the Quick Fire slot series is Pharaoh’s Ransom. The theme of this slot is Ancient Egypt and features pyramids, scarabs, pharaohs and other Egyptian symbols. Like the other slots in the series, Pharaoh’s Ransom is a 5-reel slot with 50 paylines. The game also features wild symbols as well as the four quick fire jackpots. If you want to get to know all about Aristocrat’s quick fire slot series, Pharaoh’s Ransom sums it all up in one game.

Panda Paradise

The final game we are going to look at in the Quick Fire slot series is Panda Paradise. This Asian themed slot features the lovable giant panda as well as many other Asian themed symbols. Again this is a 5-reel 50 payline slot identical to the other quick fire slot games. Panda Paradise also features wild symbols, scatter symbols and a free spin bonus round. With its high quality graphics, bonus features and up to 4 quick fire jackpots, Panda Paradise tells players all about Aristocrat’s quick fire slot series in a big way.

Play Mobile Casino Farkle for Fun or Real Money


Casino software platforms are able to continuously bring new games to the table, so to speak. When the world first started going online, casinos were aimed at providing an experience similar to what was enjoyed by so many people in ‘brick and mortar’ casinos. Software development over the past few years has led to online casino experiences that are in fact better than the original land-based ones, with so much more convenience and overall popularity.

The consequences of ongoing software and game production are online, and mobile, casinos sites that are using the rich, high quality graphics and dynamic sounds available on modern laptops, tablets and smartphones to produce an enthralling gaming and wagering adventure. Some of the more popular, newer games may sound like farkle, sic bo and Boule, but they are nevertheless attracting droves of new players.

Proper Dicing Thrills

One of the casino newcomers, thoughtfully provided at mobile farkle casino sites, and online real money pokies Australia,  have certainly been turning a few heads lately. Using the fundamental human attraction to dice as the inspiration, farkle is a dice game, and is played with six regular six-sided dice. The objective of the game is to score a total of 10000, and the first person to do this is the winner.

At the mobile farkle casino, each player starts by throwing all six of the dice. After throwing the dice, the player is required to set aside at least one, but possibly more scoring dice. After each throw, the player has to decide whether to bank the points accumulated so far during that particular turn, or continue throwing the remaining dice in the hope of adding to the points.

If a player has scored on all six dice, they are known as ‘hot dice’, and the player continues by starting again with all six dice. Players can naturally keep on throwing and accumulating points during their turn, provide they are able to utilise at least one dice of the throw. However, the inclination to do this is counterweighted by the fact that should they not have at least one scoring dice after their throw, as per the table, they are deemed to ‘farkle’ and lose all the points they have accumulated in that turn. Obviously this does not affect the points that have been accumulated in the players’ previous turns.

Once a player has decided not to risk ending with farkle, and rather bank their points, this ends their turn and the dice are passed on to the next player. They then start throwing under the same regulations.

The Attraction of Farkle

Play at a mobile farkle casino can become quite gripping, for the principles of a dice game are very well complemented with the power of being in control with the dice in hand, and knowing that the perfect run would yield all the points necessary and win the game.

To conclude then, online casino game developmental strides include, and mirror, the quality and design of mobile farkle casino sites. Much like any dice game, a mobile farkle casino game is a steely test of confidence and self-belief, but ultimately rests on the pure luck of the dice.

Caribbean Stud Low Limit History – Play With Good Strategy And Game Rules


Poker is one of the most popular table games around in modern online and brick and mortar casinos. In order to offer players even more variety in the game, casinos decided to create another form of poker that was a house banked game. Who it actually game from is still a bit up in the air, with David Sklansky claiming that he invented this form of poker in as early as nineteen eighty two under the name of Casino Poker. While his game closely matches the game played today, there are some key differences. It is thought that another player took the game to Aruba, actually patented it, and changed the rules a bit with the casino that he was working with. Still others claim that the game was played on a cruise ship heading for Aruba and it just wasn’t called Caribbean Stud at the time.

Believe it or not, there is actually a third story that the game was actually taught to a man named James Suttle by another player that was out of money. The player offered to teach him the game if he would lend him five thousand dollars. James then took the game and sold it to his friend Danny Jones who worked as a casino owner and developer.

The game didn’t immediately take off because it had such a strong house edge. That’s when progressive jackpots and Caribbean Stud low limit games were introduced. Players needed an incentive to get involved, and having to risk smaller amounts of money while having the chance to win it big was just what the game needed. The progressive jackpot had never been done on a table game but had seen great success with slots.

Caribbean Stud Rules

Understanding the rules of Caribbean stud low limit poli poker is important for new players and people that have been away from the mobile casinos game for a long period of time. First, there is a maximum of one hand allowed per player. The player isn’t allowed to have multiple hands at one table. Second, if the player wants to use the progressive payout feature, they have to be the one to put the appropriate amount of money into the machine and make sure the indicator light turns on. Third, the player can’t tell the dealer or other players what hand they have.

If they do, they forfeit their hand. The next rule for Caribbean stud low limit is if they player is given the wrong number of card from the dealer, that hand is dead for the round. Next, the casino has the final word on all decisions. Next, the player has to show all five of his cards all of the time and the dealer must be able to see them. Once the player has looked at their cards, they must put them down on the table and may not pick them back up. The final rule in Caribbean stud low limit is if a hole card is shown before the dealer says no more bets, all of the hands at the table are null and void.

Caribbean Stud Strategies

A very basic strategy to start with when playing Caribbean stud low limit is not to fold if you have a pair and always fold if you have anything under an Ace-King. It sounds simple, but it’s a great strat for new players getting into the game.

What Happen When You Hit At Blackjack Pro Low Limit Game?


Blackjack Pro low limit by Playtech is a beautifully presented and modern, well designed take on the traditional game of Blackjack that most players are familiar with.

When sitting down to Blackjack Pro low limit, the player can see a stunningly rendered digital blackjack table. You can tell Playtech spent a lot of time on the aesthetics of this game. It’s almost photorealistic and presents a feeling of authenticity and realism that you’re going to have a tough time finding with other blackjack games currently on the market. They also have music playing that can be disabled and re-enabled at any time during the game.

Blackjack Pro Low Limit Layout

The table itself is lined with black leather, stained wood and gold trimming. The felt is green and has five places for bets to be placed, but the player’s bet is in the middle of the table and is indicated by the text “place your bet.” If the player does not want to play on green felt, Playtech has actually developed a feature that allows one to adjust the colour. By hitting the colour button at the top of the screen, the player can change the felt to blue, purple, black, orange, teal, off white, navy blue or red. This level of customisation is a nice touch and allows the player to more personalise their blackjack pro low limit experience.

On the wood trim of the table, the player can see the various betting chips that they are able to put in the “place your bet” circle. The ten cent chip has brown stripes, the fifty cent chip has red stripes, the one unit chip has blue stripes, the five unit chip has purple stripes, the ten unit chip has orange stripes, the twenty five unit chip has green stripes, and the one hundred unit chip has light blue stripes.

Above the online blackjack Canada betting space there is additional information for the player. This includes blackjack pays three to two as well as when the dealer hits soft seventeen it pays to one. Additional chips in all of the different denominations can be seen in the dealer’s bank at the top of the screen along with a stack of cards. In addition, there is also a minimum and maximum bet displayed.

How to Play Blackjack Poker Low Limit

When the player loads into the game, the digital dealer asks the player to place their bet. Once the player has placed their bet, two additional options pop up. These options are to double the player’s bet and to clear the bet. This is in addition to the deal button that is on the table from the start. When the player hits deal, they are given two cards face up and the dealer is given two cards – one face up and one face down. The player can then hit by or stand. If the player hits then they are given another card. If they stand, the dealer either hits themselves or stays. Depending on the outcome, and who gets closest to twenty one without going over, the player will either win or lose money.

Playing Free Pokies Online is Simple On Casino Machines


After the invention of the slot machine in the US in the late 19th Century, this form of gambling quickly became popular in Australia under the name “pokies”. As a result, they’ve been a standard of Australian pub entertainment for decades. Revised gambling laws and the proliferation of online casinos now means that Australians don’t even have to visit a pub or real-world casino to play their favourite pastime; pokies games of every description are now available online, in three-reel, five-reel and multiple payout-line options.

Registration doesn’t take long, and there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, offering pokies favourites like Lucky Sevens or Treasures of Egypt. Mobile casinos make the pokies even more portable, letting fans play anywhere, anytime, on a tablet or smart phone. Some casinos offer downloadable apps, others provide game play through the device’s Internet browser. There are versions of the same game coded for specific devices, so players can pick the sites and the games that play best on their preferred device and give them the most authentic casino experience. They even have the choice between playing for real money, and playing free pokies indefinitely.

Free Pokies at Online Casinos

Free play online casinos don’t accept or pay out real money on betting; play is for credits only. Which isn’t to say they offer no rewards at all; apart from the fun of playing, registered members at these sites can keep the credits they win playing free pokies on every visit. If they amass enough credits, they are entered into the casino’s regular lucky draws and sweepstakes, with money and other prizes up for grabs.

Free pokies offer the best of both worlds to players who don’t like risk: unlimited free play for the fun of chasing those big credit jackpots, along with the chance to win real rewards when their luck is running.

Free Pokies at Real-Money Casinos

Most mobile pokies NZ players are prepared to play for real money, however, if there’s a chance to win more. Although they understand that the odds against them are high on every spin, the size of the wins available (especially on pokies machines with progressive jackpots) weighed up against the small stakes needed to play (even if the player is covering maximum lines on every spin) makes the risk worthwhile. The small stakes also make it possible to spend longer playing the same machine, even on a modest budget.

Pokies actually pay out quite well in the long term (more than 95 percent of all stakes wagered, usually), but they pay out this percentage in big bursts, through jackpots. The key to pokies success is to be able to play the same machine long enough to hit a big payout, which recoups all former losses and leaves the player with a tidy profit. All real-money casinos hand out regular promotional packages to players; these take the form of bonus free bets on particular games, with the player betting for free but being allowed to keep any winnings (subject, of course to terms and conditions, which need to be read carefully).

So a dedicated pokies player, registered at a number of online casinos, will be faced with a range of free pokies offers on a regular basis. By choosing the most attractive free pokies on offer on any given day, experienced players can get even more spins in search of those big jackpots, while risking less of their own stake.