Details about Dice Games for Casino Players


Dice games have been around for longer than many people think. And, in fact, there is archaeological evidence that people were playing dice games, with dice made from animal bones, before casinos were even a glimmer in the eye of society. And what’s not to love about dice? They’re fair, easy to use, and give results in the blink of an eye. (more…)

Check out the Evolution of Keno Casino Game


Keno is a vastly popular casino game in Australia, offered at the majority of online casinos. The game’s system is similar to a lottery game, or bingo game, but offering the player a great deal more flexibility and freedom of choice. As to which options are available is up to the version of Keno offered at each individual casino, but the base principal is always the same. (more…)

The History of Super Rugby and Super Rugby Betting


The 22nd season of Super Rugby gets underway during the first quarter of 2017 with an 18 team format. Super Rugby is widely touted as the preeminent professional men’s rugby tournament in the southern hemisphere and Japan and enjoys a growing fan base in countries such as New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. (more…)

Spread Betting in New Zealand


There are a lot of punters living in New Zealand that would refrain from even considering betting on global financial situations, with sports betting quite obviously taking the gambling world by storm and therefore being a first choice for many. (more…)

Boccia Betting Options

Boccia is a variant of the game of bocce, which is a precision ball game found in countries across the globe. While bocce has a devoted following, it can be argued that boccia is the more well known version of the game, even being included in the Paralympics. (more…)

Bocce Betting

The family of boules games has created some of the most diverse sets of bowling games across the world. Boules are games that exclusively involve using balls of different shapes and sizes, where people compete against each other using the rules of whatever type of boules game they are playing. (more…)

Reel em In From Williams Interactive Games

Reel em In is a fishing based slot game that can be found online and in many brick and mortar casinos. The game has twenty optional paylines and can be played for a wide wagering margin that will make the game appealing to players of all kinds of budgets. One line can be played for as little as 0.01 coins, or all of the lines can be played for 100 coins per spin. The coin values have a number of choices too, so even high rollers can take a cast at this online slot. (more…)

Raging Rhino Slot By Williams Interactive Games

Raging Rhino slot is a very popular game both online and in brick and mortar casinos. Slightly unusually the game has six reels instead of the normal five, and works with a 4069 ways to win system. All of the 4069 ways to win are fixed and cannot be adjusted, but you can choose your bet amount.

This ranges from between 0.40 and go all the way up to 80, making Raging Rhino slot a good game for players of all budgets. (more…)

WMS Magic Wand Slot Machine Details for Online and Mobile Players


Magic Wand is an online and mobile slot from Williams Interactive that offers the player twenty five optional paylines spread over five reels. The game can be played for a very small amount per spin, putting it into the category of a penny slot.

Magic Wand has very simple graphics and layout that will appeal to novice slot players but not so much to experienced ones. Each spin can be played for as little as 0.01 per line, equalling 0.25 for all of the paylines. (more…)

Luau Loot Online Slot

Taking a trip to a tropical island is many people’s dream but few can make that dream a reality. Luau Loot is an online slot from Williams Interactive Games that gives you the next best experience by taking you on a slot journey to warm beaches, palm trees, hot surfers and beautiful woman.

Luau Loot has 5 slot reels, 25 pay lines and a colourful sandy beach as the background to the reels. There is a single bonus game that can award you up to 20 free spin. (more…)