A Perfect Guide to Playing Jack’s Beanstalk Slot by NextGen


Next Gen is becoming well known for their fun and cartoonish online and mobile slots. Jack’s Beanstalk slot fits into that category with amusing graphics and a cute sound track. The game has the usual five reels and can be played on both mobile and desktop formats. The twenty five paylines are all optional and coin values per line range up to one coin per line, giving the game a maximum bet of 25 coins. Each coin can be worth anything from 0.25 up to 50 currency units. This game has such a huge wager amount that it will appeal to slot players of all budgets.

Jack’s Beanstalk slot is the kind of slot that modern slot players will enjoy to play anywhere that they are. With modern mobile devices Jack’s Beanstalk slot can be played on the go, at work or during a relaxing afternoon at home. The game is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Fairy Tale Graphics

Jack’s Beanstalk is not a serious slot at all. It has a very light hearted demeanour with cartoon style graphics and lots of bright colours. The sound track is a unique musical score with lots of deep wind instruments adding a fun element to the game. The reels are set in a green countryside full of great big puffy clouds and blue rivers. The animations are fun and very slick, with all theme based symbols animating when forming a part of a winning combination at online casinos from around the world.

Cornish Tale Theme

The tale of jack and his magical beanstalk is an old English one from the Cornish part of the country. Jack was a young boy who sold the family cow for some magic beans. When his mother found out she was furious and threw the beans out of the window. The next day they had grown into a massive beanstalk that reached up to a giant’s kingdom. Jack climbed the bean stalk, stole a magic goose and lived happily ever after.

Jack’s Beanstalk slot is based in this tale and all of the symbols on the reels are theme based. The bottom of the scale is the Axe and the Giant’s Harp worth 250 coins for five. The castle will pay 500 coins and the Giant himself will pay out 1000 coins if you catch five of him on the reels. Jack is the highest paying symbol and will pay 2500 coins for five of him. Jack and the Giant are also the only symbols in the game that will pay out for only two of them.

Magic Beans and Golden Geese

The Magic beans are the launch pad for the Up Wild feature. These can be found on reels two three and four and it only takes one to launch the feature. The beans will grow a huge beanstalk that will take over the whole reel, essentially turning the whole thing wild. The beans will also award you with three free spins, causing the beanstalk to grow one position further for each free spin.

Golden Egg

An enthusiastic looking goose will appear on the reels and lay a golden egg. If this happens you will get to go to a Pick Me game where you have to choose between three geese. If you get the one with the golden egg you will be paid out 2500x your original bet. If not, you can win anything from 25 to 500 coins.