Elvis Top-20

Elvis Top-20 Online Slot

Elvis Presley is a cultural icon. This is probably why he is one of the few solo musicians who have the privilege of having multiple slot titles themed around him. Elvis Top-20 is released by Barcrest. It features 5 reels with 20 pay lines to activate. Players can activate the pay lines using in game wager coins. Players can make a minimum wager of £0.02 per spin and a maximum wager of £100.00. This £100.00 spin will activate all the pay lines at maximum wager value.

Elvis Top-20 has an auto play function, three unique bonus features and an average Return To Player of 95%. The pay symbols all feature iconic images throughout the King’s career including images of him as a child and his iconic 1968 comeback tour. The scatter symbol bonuses are the main focus of the game so you won’t need to necessarily play with all pay lines active, making this game a great slot for players on a budget.

The Elvis Top-20 Wheel Bonus

The gold disc symbol is the first Elvis Top-20 bonus trigger. It is a scatter symbol which means that you can land this symbol anywhere on the reels to trigger the bonus feature. Three or more scatters are all you need to be taken to a new screen. Here you will set the Elvis wheel spinning. When it stops you will be awarded the prize that the wheel is pointing to an exit back to the main game.

The Elvis Top-20 Guitar Bonus

The guitar scatter symbol is this unique bonus game’s trigger. When you land three or more of the symbols on screen, you will be taken to a new screen again. Here three guitars will each play a lick, with each riff adding to your total win pay out.

The Elvis Top-20 Jukebox Jive

The Jukebox scatter symbol triggers this unique feature. Land three or more anywhere on the reels and you will be taken to a new screen. Here you will be presented with a selection of jukeboxes, each hiding a random prize. Clicking on one will play a riff and award the prize.

The Elvis Top Pay Symbols

The Crown wild symbol is the highest value symbol in Elvis Top-20. This symbol will substitute its value for any symbol required to complete a winning pay line. It does not however substitute for any of the scatter symbols. The wild will also offer a pay out of its own if you manage to line up two or more on an active pay line.

Elvis’s name in lights is the only other symbol that also offers pay outs starting from two matching symbols. All other pay outs require players to land at least three matching symbols on an active pay line. The rest of the symbols are made up of famous images of Elvis, including a photo of him as a child, a green outlines silhouette, a pink Cadillac, The king in his white stage jacket, the King playing guitar and an image of his profile from his comeback tour.

Crusade of Fortune

Crusade of Fortune Video Slot

Crusade of Fortune is an online slot game with a fantasy filled theme featuring mythical creatures and magic. The game was developed by Net Entertainment and is a five reel video slot with twenty different pay lines running from the furthest left reel towards the right. Up to 20 coins can be wagered on each of the pay lines with values of the coins ranging from 0.01 to 0.20.

The sound effects are reminiscent of a fantasy land filled with snorts, wind, crickets, clinking swords and so on. When the reels spin they appear to look like fire set against a red backdrop. The graphics include a cluster of skulls that have bright red eyes. The Crusade of Fortune symbols that are upon the reels include themed mythical characters and items like an elf; a goblin; a witch; a wizard; a shield; the dwarf’s shield; an iron breaker; a war hammer and more.

The Wilds and Scatter Symbols

The Crusade of Fortune wild symbol is portrayed by the wizard. He appears anywhere on the reels to help form winning combinations. The wizard will stand in as a replacement for any of the symbols except for the scatters. Five of the wizards appearing consecutively on an enabled pay line awards the highest jackpot prize of up to 5 000 coins.

There are two different scatter symbols that feature in Crusade of Fortune. These are the dwarf hammerer symbol and the bonus orc symbol. The dwarf appears anywhere on the reels and does not need to land on an enabled pay line in order to pay out a reward. A minimum of two dwarves appearing will reward a pay out while three or more activate the free spins bonus round. The bonus orc symbol also appears anywhere on the reels but there is no pay out when it appears. Instead the bonus game is activated when it appears three or more times.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Amounts of ten to thirty free spins are awarded when the dwarf symbols activate the Crusade of Fortune free spins bonus round. The exact amount is dependent on the number of scatters that activated the feature. There are no multipliers during the free spins bonus round but if another three or more dwarves land then the feature is re activated.

The Orc Battle Bonus Feature

The Crusade of Fortune battle bonus feature is a second screen bonus game. When the bonus orc symbols activate this game the screen will display an orc that needs to be defeated. Three rounds are played in two different stages where the first stage requires a sword to be chosen and then the choice of the higher, middle or lower sections of the orc. These sections are where the orc will be attacked. The second stage involves picking a shield and being on the defensive. Points are awarded for the amount of damage caused and the level of defence. At the end of the bonus game the points are added to the balance. Killing the orc results in a treasure prize which can amount to the maximum prize of 100 000 coins.

Double Diamond

Discover Double Diamond Online Slots Game                                

There are just some images that have, over time, become synonymous with casinos. This imagery includes big red number 7s, bars, bright colours and flashing lights. Because IGT is something of an expert in this field, they have developed an online slots game that speaks to players who have, for so long, been in awe of the luxurious, glamorous associations that traditional casinos bring. This game is called Double Diamond, and the potential payouts are just as lucrative as its name suggests. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the rules, tips and tricks to help you make the most of this game, as well as of its potential rewards.

A Familiar Structure

IGT’s Double Diamond is one of those online slots games that is likely to be recognised by everyone. While they may not realise it, this game is one of the most popular of its kind and is sure to have been played by most online casino fans at one point or another. This game has three reels with some of the most recognisable symbols in the business adorning its reels. As soon as three symbols match in a single spin, the player wins. It’s a simple structure made from a classic formula that has worked well in all kinds of casinos, all over the world, time and time again.

Reliable Features

IGT was very careful not to stray too far away from this formula when it came to Double Diamond online slots game. This is also evident in the features that the game has on offer. As mentioned, this slots game is a simple one. The symbols can be matched across the reels, and can range from anything like bars and 7s to cherries. There is one particular symbol that players should look out for, however. The game’s logo serves as the wild card and once it appears three times on the reels, it means that the player has won the jackpot.

Double Diamond Bonuses

As with everything else about Double Diamond online casino game, IGT has kept it simple when it comes to bonuses. While the wild card, represented by the game’s logo, appearing three times means that the player has hit the jackpot, the symbol could also lead to the multiplication of winnings. The exact amount is, of course, determined by how many of these symbols appear at any given time. Should one appear, the winnings will be doubled. Should two appear, the winnings will be quadrupled, and so on.

Double Diamond is, without a doubt, IGT’s most popular online slots game. Not only is this the perfect game for players of all levels of experience, it can also be accessed from a number of different devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. As one of the most recognisable online slots games on the market, this one is great for the player who enjoys being able to indulge in a good, old casino game without too many bells and whistles attached to it.

Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder Online Slot by Microgaming

Microgaming gets players’ engines revving with its biker-themed five-reel online slot, Reel Thunder – a simple yet entertaining and humorous game featuring a grunting gang of road hogs on a lazy Sunday run.

The theme of this 25-payline slot is kept up in its fun symbols, which include hot dogs, beer, pancakes and other roadhouse food as well as motorbike parts, a winged heart crossed with exhaust pipes, and the silhouette of the head hog against the backdrop of a blazing orange sunset.

The Reel Thunder Winged Heart Wild

Like most other online slots, Reel Thunder has a wild symbol – in the form of a red heart with wings crossed by exhaust pipes. In this game, the wild can only land on Reels 2, 3 and 4 but, when it does, it can substitute any other symbol except the scatter to complete winning paylines. Naturally, this makes the winged heart a rather valuable symbol – if indirectly so.

The Reel Thunder wild is probably also the most entertaining of the symbols. That’s because, whenever one is used to complete a winning combination, the heart beats to life and the distinctive opening guitar riff of Steppenwolf’s iconic rock track “Born to be Wild”, from the 1969 film “Easy Rider”, plays – making it easy for players to imagine themselves enjoying a leisurely ride along Route 66.

Free Spins with Scatter Symbols

The only notable Reel Thunder bonus is its free spins feature, which is triggered by the game’s scatter symbol – in this case, a motorbike engine with the word “scatter” scrolled across it. When three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the Reel Thunder free spins are unlocked – five, 20 and a staggering 50 free spins respectively for three, four and five scatter symbols.

The scatter symbols have the additional value of paying out regardless of where they appear on the reels – i.e. Reel Thunder scatters don’t have to land on an active payline to pay out as long as there are two or more in a spin. So, although the payout is low at just 50 coins for five scatters in a spin, scatter wins occur much more frequently.

Reel Thunder Betting Options and Jackpots

With a 96.95% average RTP and a sizeable 10 000 coin jackpot, Reel Thunder can be quite a lucrative slot – even for inexperienced players, since its game play is so simple. This top payout occurs when players land five bonus road hog symbols on a single active payline. The next-highest Reel Thunder payout is awarded when five bike wheels land on an active payline and this amounts to 1 000 coins.

Reel Thunder players may only wager a single coin per payline per spin but the options on coin denominations vary extensively, starting at just 0.25 and reaching as high as 10.00 credits. So the maximum wager on a single Reel Thunder spin is 900 credits, which also makes it appealing to more experienced players who prefer the stakes – and the wins – to be a little higher.

Mobile Versions of Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder may be a fairly traditional slot but it is available on all modern platforms – both online and mobile. Anyone can enjoy Reel Thunder on the move as it is compatible with most mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.



The Supernova Slots Game

Microgaming software developers’ Supernova video slot machine has a completely different screen and game arrangement. Firstly, the setup is such that there is a bigger set of three reels on the left hand side, and a further double set of reels on the right hand side. The right hand side triple reels are somewhat larger than the double reels. This puts the Supernova video slots game into the category of 5 reel slots, split into a 3-reel game and a 5-reel slot game. The double reels to the right act as multipliers for any wins achieved on the triple reels section. This generates a remarkable set of multiplying effects, potentially up to ten times the bet value.

Multipliers are the Key

Supernova video slots game is, thematically, exactly as the name suggests; planets go supernova in a graphically excellent environment, and players are simultaneously inundated with appropriate inter-galactic accompaniments such as Helixes and Worm Holes. The coin denominations on this game range from 0.25 to 50 coins, and can be adjusted with ease. The triple-reel set of slots reels with its intergalactic themed icons operates all 27 pay lines.

There are only 6 symbols present, and these depictions of atoms and burning suns in bright colours therefore provide players with excellent payout rates, and hence a good chance of landing winning combinations. In order to even more increase the odds in the players’ favour, a skill-spin feature is enabled. When players land a winning combination on the triple reel part of this slots game, the double multiplier reels begin automatically spinning, generating increased winning effects by the multiplier as indicated by the centre position of the first reel on the double reel section. A second multiplier could even be won too, depending on the second reel. Should this occur, then the win is multiplied yet again.

Plying Supernova Effects

Initially, Supernova video slots game by Microgaming is played on a 3×3 game panel. As the start button is clicked, all 5 reels start spinning, and should a winning combination be landed, the 4th reel, or first reel of the double multiplier section keeps spinning, thereby deciding the multiplier. The win achieved can therefore immediately be multiplied by 2, 3, 5 or even 10 times. The final reel will then also cease spinning, often times providing even bigger pay outs as further multiplier effects are won.

To clarify further, and using the example of a simple 10 coin win on the main triple reel game. The double reels consequently spin, and the first multiplier reel reveals a 3x figure. The winnings are then multiplied by three. Ten times three equals 30 coins. Still quite small, but should the second multiplier reel come a 10x multiplier, suddenly the win is 30 x 10, and 300 coins is properly significant.

Winnings Multiplied

Supernova video slots, or, more accurately Microgaming takes the classic three reel slot game and makes it genuinely entertaining. A simple and effective way of enhancing wins on slots games. Bonus features at a new level, with only three slots and the power of multiplication.

The Wild symbol in Supernova slot machine plays a traditional role, although clearly enhances the base game winning effects even more.


The Introduction of SmartliveSmart

SmartliveSmart Casino is a rapidly growing live interactive casino. The offering this brand provides is a full range of live products, including Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. The range of live games at SmartliveSmart are presented by fully licensed croupiers and is a leading exponent of the current trend to socially interactive casino gambling and play. This casino aims to advance the best live experience on TV and the Internet.

SmartliveSmart Casino, a UK based online live casino was launched in 2007. The live table games that are the primary attraction and emphasis are streamed in real-time, with full HD graphics quality, to television sets, computers, and tablets or mobile. The parent company is Smart TV Broadcasting Ltd, a registered company in the United Kingdom.

Live Dealer Casino Play

In general, SmartliveSmart casino provides live casino play consisting of live-dealer roulette and live-dealer blackjack. There are also two different limit auto roulette games. The casino does have some additional play options available, including a decent range of slot games and a sports book.

In more specific detail, live roulette exactly mimics the game found in real casinos. SmartliveSmart casino uses the single zero European wheel, which marginally improves the odds slightly for players and away from the house, in the long term. SmartliveSmart Gaming was the first casino to offer a live roulette app, the latest version of which is iOS compatible.

The live blackjack is standard blackjack, and the online interface allows players to play the hand individually, players winning or losing the hand based solely on their own decisions. There no impact from the game played by other players.

Standard Games

The slot machine offerings are the full range of classic slot 3, and 5 reel games, as well as video poker. SmartliveSmart casino also provides the innovative range of 3D slot games, powered by the RNG platform.

A sports book that allows players to bet on over 16 different sports is also becoming available.

Smart Live Casino’s Live Dealer Casino is fully regulated and licensed in the United Kingdom. This is in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission. Smartlivecasino.com/casino is operated by Smart Gaming Group Malta Ltd and operates on the Net Entertainment platform that is licenced in the jurisdiction of Malta.

The SmartliveSmart operational headquarters and the customer support team are housed in central London, UK. Especially being a live casino, customer support is key to a quality casino gaming experience, and to this end the customer support facility works around the clock. They aim to deliver on the highest possible levels of security and trust.

Security Protection

Considering the all-important question of security, the SmartliveSmart gaming software employs the most modern encryption and security techniques. This properly ensures safe and secure money transfers. All transactional data, including both financial and personal information is SSL encrypted, because the casino site has stated their commitment to protecting the privacy of their players. All registration information, financial data, and game data are guaranteed not to be shared with any third parties not involved in the operation or regulation of the casino.

Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise, a Good Bet

Time to take to the seas and surf the waves with this nifty online casino. Casino Cruise is a prime example of a quality online casino. With games from multiple, quality, online, betting software developers players can expect well designed and implemented games. They will run smoothly and be available in flash or download format. Players will as a result of this software also be able to bet with peace of mind knowing that their personal information will be secure and protected.

Young and Software Endowed

A relatively recent entrant to the casino industry, Casino Cruise is overwhelming with enthusiasm and love for the games and communities they generate. This results in tonnes of great bonuses and promotions as they fight amongst the competition of their industry for new players. As mentioned above however, this online casino cleverly affiliated itself and its games with top software developers like Microgaming, Netent, NYX and more. This allows new players to soothe any worries they might have with a new online casino site as they can use these developers as reference to the game’s quality and reliability.

Casino Cruise has a wide array of banking options, so much so that most players from around the world will be able to engage and enjoy the benefits of this online casino experience. This sort of diversity displays the levels of commitment that this casino has for its players as they go above and beyond to enable not just the top service providers but also the small ones. A community of everyone.

Games and the Community

There has been talk about the software behind the games twice already now but no actual talk on games themselves. Terrible. So the games that Casino Cruise offers its community follow the same principles of the casino itself in the sense that they too are diverse, full of energy, bonuses and promotions and generally are of a top calibre. Off the list of games available players will find over 600 unique games to play. These include casino classics like poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and others as well as tonnes of slot games. The online slots are full of colour and graphically beautiful, with quality audio accompaniment. The table game classics also come in varieties and some even have a live dealer component that allows players an interactive betting experience with a real dealers and amongst their gaming community.

Safety and Online Bonuses

On the topic of safety, Casino Cruise scores well again, with another deliberate thanks to their supporting software. Players can expect reliable gaming sessions with direct attention focussed on keeping the games up and running and protecting players’ information.

But perhaps one of the best facets of this game is its mass amounts of promotions and bonuses, especially welcoming ones, and also other rewarding features. These essentially offer players free spins on certain games or starting wallets with fixed betting and enable new players to start their betting experience with this online casino immediately.

In conclusion, Casino Cruise has a lot to be desired in an online casino and has as a result built a community of players that bet and interact together to enhance the whole experience for everyone.

Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon Online Slot Overview

Wildcat Canyon is a Wild West-themed online slot game powered by casino software from leading provider NextGen Gaming. The action takes place over 5 reels and 25 paylines, and features a theme centred on a dusty canyon in which a number of desert animals reside in fear of a ferocious wildcat.

Wildcat Canyon’s main bonus feature is its free spins feature, in which players can choose a combination of free spins and a respective multiplier value. Sticky wilds also feature during the free spins round, helping to create extra winning combinations.

Game Play and Themes

The reels of Wildcat Canyon are set against the backdrop of blue skies and a dusty canyon scene, across which the occasional animal scurries as the game plays out. The reels themselves are bordered by a rocky outcrop and on them is a selection of comedic animal symbols in a cartoon-like design style. These animals all wear expressions of shock, cowering in fear of the prowling wildcat who surveys the area. In keeping with the slot’s theme, each reel symbol is decorated with the slashes of the wildcat’s claws.

Wildcat Canyon Reel Symbols

On the reels of the Wildcat Canyon online slot by NextGen Gaming are a variety of theme-related symbols. These symbols include a black eagle, three different cacti, a hissing red and black snake and a mountain goat. Also featured are the playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, which have been displayed in a brightly coloured script.

Wild Symbol

The game’s main protagonist, the wildcat, appears as Wildcat Canyon’s wild symbol, landing on reels 2 and 4 to complete winning combinations. The wildcat wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols in the game, with the exception of the paw print scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The paw print graphic acts as a scatter symbol in the Wildcat Canyon online slot. Landing 3 or more of these paw print scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the free spins feature.

Free Spins Feature with Multipliers

Once the free spins feature has been triggered, players will be able to pick one of 3 options from a ‘Pick Me’ style feature. Players can select a combination of 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier, 10 free spins and a 5x multiplier or 5 free spins and a 10x multiplier with which to play. Additionally, any wildcat wild symbols that land during the feature will be automatically converted into sticky wild symbols, which will remain in place on the reels to create extra winning combinations until the free spins end. A re-spin of the reels will also be awarded for each sticky wild symbol that appears.

Gamble Feature

Wildcat Canyon also offers a gamble feature, which allows players to wager their most recent win in the hopes of increasing its value. Correctly choosing the suit of a mystery playing card will award players 4x their stakes, and choosing the card’s colour correctly will double the value of the respective wager.


Knights Quest

Knights Quests Slots from Novomatic

Players are able to travel back in time to the mysterious Middle Ages with Novomatic’s online video slots Knights Quest and potentially reap some serious financial rewards when they do. The simplicity of the game’s interface allows players of all levels of experience to take part quite comfortably, and the well-designed background against which the graphically sophisticated symbols are set further allow for very immersive play.

Knights Quest Slots Game Specs

Novomatic’s Knights Quest online slots has five reels in three rows along with 20 paylines for players to work with, with the possible payouts for successful play detailed on the paytable, along with information on the bonus and features for the game.

Players are able to choose how many betlines they wish to enable when they begin playing Novomatic’s Knights quest, along with the size of the bet they wish to make on each. There is a gamble function available, by which players are able to double their winnings, as well as an autoplay feature that allows players to reap the rewards without too much interaction.

Features for Knights Quest Slots

There are a number of different features available for Knights Quest online slots, including free spins and a so-called Juggling Jester Bonus. A dragon allows players to pick and win, and successful play here could seriously boost players’ bankroll.

Symbols for Knights Quest Slots

All of the winning symbols for Knights Quest pay out from the left-hand side of the screen to the right, except for the brown or green bonus icons and that of the dragon. These are able to appear anywhere on the lines. The brightly coloured symbol of the jester is the wild for the game, and this is able to substitute for all of the other icons for the games except the scatter and dragon. The scatter symbols for the game are images of scrolls.

The main game symbols are all reminiscent of this period of history and include a presumably chivalrous knight; a beautiful maiden; a magnificent horse; the shield and sword the knight makes use of to ensure that good prevails; and the playing card symbols of the nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace.

Bonus Features for Knights Quest

Should a player manage to land three or more of the dragon symbols during the game, the pick me feature will be triggered, and a correct guess will deliver hefty winnings. The scatter symbols are the entry to the bonus round, and players are required to land at least three scrolls in order to activate this part of the slot game. A choice is offered, and whether it is the 15 free spins with stacked wilds; the Knights Quest Journey featuring a wheel with a selection of prizes on offer or the Juggling Jester feature that is selected, good rewards are available.

Free play options are provided for this online slots game, and this can be done with either the free versions of the games provided at online casinos or by means of different types of bonuses that players are able to access.

An Introduction to Aunty Acid Casino


Aunty Acid Casino was first launched in 2014 and is based on the crazy and witty internet character who has become a household name. The casino is owned and operated by Cozygames Management Limited and holds licenses in both the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. The casino and software is certified by iTech Labs to ensure the games offer safe and fair game play. Aunty Acid Casino is also part of the Mobile Casino network and offers a solid mobile platform for the leading mobile operating systems.

Aunty Acid’s Security and Banking Options

Aunty Acid Casino is run by a reputable company and holds licenses in two jurisdictions which means there are strict procedures they must follow to keep their players safe and protected. The casino uses an extremely high level of software protection being 256-bit SSL encryption technology. This allows all banking transactions, communications over the internet and transferring of personal information to be done so safely without third party interference. The online casino uses a variety of different banking methods for all deposits and withdrawals like credit cards and debit cards in both Visa and MasterCard, Paysafe, Neteller, Ukash and more.

The Aunty Acid Casino Customer Services

Aunty Acid Casino is available to play in many jurisdictions but is only playable in English and with British Pounds.

Customer care support is available for any questions or problems that may arise. The customer care team of representatives are contactable via a live chat service and through an online email contact form. Support is available around the clock and there is a fast response rate when it comes to answering the email contact forms.

Aunty Acid Casino software and Games

Aunty Acid Casino software is powered by Cozy Games. There is an Aunty Acid Bingo site that has all the same features. Software and game selection as the online casino. There is not much difference between the two but there is a possibility that the online casino pokies Australia will grow to offer a lot more in the future. There is an option to either download the casino or play instantly through a web browser which is a more beneficial option when using multiple online devices.

The biggest game selection at the online casino is found in the video slots section. These come in a variety of different types and forms. There is also a range of video poker games and scratch cards as well as keno. The online casino offers a limited selection of table games but there are a few roulette, baccarat, craps and pontoon or blackjack games for those who wish to play.

Aunty Acid Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Aunty Acid Casino is simple to sign up to and only needs a filled in registration form and telephone number to give away a no deposit bonus. Welcome bonuses on first deposits can be claimed as default bonuses or exclusive offers. Further deposits are offered small percentage match deposit bonuses and there are also cashback bonuses to redeem small amounts of lost money. The casino offers promotions like refer a friend bonuses and weekly tournaments where a certain number of winners receive various prizes.