Caribbean Stud Low Limit History – Play With Good Strategy And Game Rules


Poker is one of the most popular table games around in modern online and brick and mortar casinos. In order to offer players even more variety in the game, casinos decided to create another form of poker that was a house banked game. Who it actually game from is still a bit up in the air, with David Sklansky claiming that he invented this form of poker in as early as nineteen eighty two under the name of Casino Poker. While his game closely matches the game played today, there are some key differences. It is thought that another player took the game to Aruba, actually patented it, and changed the rules a bit with the casino that he was working with. Still others claim that the game was played on a cruise ship heading for Aruba and it just wasn’t called Caribbean Stud at the time.

Believe it or not, there is actually a third story that the game was actually taught to a man named James Suttle by another player that was out of money. The player offered to teach him the game if he would lend him five thousand dollars. James then took the game and sold it to his friend Danny Jones who worked as a casino owner and developer.

The game didn’t immediately take off because it had such a strong house edge. That’s when progressive jackpots and Caribbean Stud low limit games were introduced. Players needed an incentive to get involved, and having to risk smaller amounts of money while having the chance to win it big was just what the game needed. The progressive jackpot had never been done on a table game but had seen great success with slots.

Caribbean Stud Rules

Understanding the rules of Caribbean stud low limit live poker casino game is important for new players and people that have been away from the mobile casinos game for a long period of time. First, there is a maximum of one hand allowed per player. The player isn’t allowed to have multiple hands at one table. Second, if the player wants to use the progressive payout feature, they have to be the one to put the appropriate amount of money into the machine and make sure the indicator light turns on. Third, the player can’t tell the dealer or other players what hand they have.

If they do, they forfeit their hand. The next rule for Caribbean stud low limit is if they player is given the wrong number of card from the dealer, that hand is dead for the round. Next, the casino has the final word on all decisions. Next, the player has to show all five of his cards all of the time and the dealer must be able to see them. Once the player has looked at their cards, they must put them down on the table and may not pick them back up. The final rule in Caribbean stud low limit is if a hole card is shown before the dealer says no more bets, all of the hands at the table are null and void.

Caribbean Stud Strategies

A very basic strategy to start with when playing Caribbean stud low limit is not to fold if you have a pair and always fold if you have anything under an Ace-King. It sounds simple, but it’s a great strat for new players getting into the game.